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The fungal platform for the Bohemian forest

The database actually contain around

  • 150.000 fungal distribution data of
  • 4.000 fungi species in the Bohemian forest
  • 3.000 fungi images
  • 3.000 species descriptions

It would be nice, if you import further fungal distribution data from the area.

Help us to improve our knowlegde about the fungi in the Bohemian area.



Project 120 Funga des Böhmerwalds - Houby regionu bavorsko/česko/rakouského trojmezí

In association with:


National Park Bavarian Forest
Austrian Mycological Society
Biological Center Linz
Mycological working group at Biological Center Linz
Šumava National Park
German Mycological Society (DGfM)
University Regensburg

Interreg V